Meatless Meal: Crispy Potato Tacos

I found this recipe on She Likes Food and could not wait to give it a try! I'm not a fan of Mexican food but my family is, and they enjoy eating tacos and wraps. I do love potatoes, so I thought this recipe would be a great meet in the middle dish! This was... Continue Reading →


Ocean in a Bottle, A Mermaid Oasis

Like most little girls, Liston has been fascinated with mermaids. She has her own collection of mermaid t-shirts, toys, and what seems like hundreds of stickers! Lately, I have been on a frenzy creating crafts and science experiments with her. I knew I wanted to incorporate mermaids into one of our projects to go along with... Continue Reading →

Trash Talk, How Long Until it’s Gone?

If you think the amount of trash you throw away does not matter, well think again! Trash is becoming a larger and larger problem for us and the environment. As we continue to be wasteful, our natural resources diminish and an increase in pollution occurs. Landfills are overrun with debris which can wreak havoc on... Continue Reading →

Meatless Meal: Easy Baked Tortellini

I read the other day that pasta has topped a global survey of the world's favorite foods. I without a doubt believe in that outcome because most of the people I know love pasta! My family certainly does, we eat a pasta dish at least every other week. Spaghetti is probably Liston's top choice of... Continue Reading →

15 Ways to Go Green at Work

No matter what type of job you have, there’s always something you can do that makes your work environment a little more Eco-Friendly. A greener workplace can mean a lighter carbon footprint and a healthier place to work. Here are several actions you can do in and around your office today to be a better environmentalist and advocate for... Continue Reading →

Mini French Macarons from Bottle Caps

Well I'm at it again...creating miniature play food and this time it's mini french macarons from bottle caps! French macarons are one of my favorite sweet treats. They are a decadent dessert perfect for any occasion and make a beautiful display themselves. It's a dream of mine to fly to Paris and visit the famous... Continue Reading →

Meatless Meal: Cheesy Chili Soup

Medical studies and research show numerous health benefits from plant based diets. My family is in no way vegetarian and we do not plan on giving up meat, however we are interested in incorporating meat-free dishes into our weekly meals. I'm a sucker for soup, it's on my radar all year long and not just... Continue Reading →

Salt Dough Play Food

I don't know why but I have such a fascination with tiny food. When I was a young girl my cousins and I spent countless hours in the Summer making miniature food out of sculpey clay. Our American Girl dolls and Beanie Babies had glorious feasts with every kind of tasty treat imaginable. My dollhouse... Continue Reading →

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