God’s Whisper

If you aren't hearing the voice of God your life may be too noisy! People often wonder if God ever speaks in a voice we can hear. Absolutely! There are times when God speaks through other people in order to tell us something. And sometimes God will speak directly to us. So how do we... Continue Reading →

An Icy Update and 10 Sustainable Habits to Start Now

Well, last week was a historical weather week here in Mississippi! We had record breaking snow and ice for several days. Thankfully our home never lost power or water, but thousands throughout the state did. It normally only snows every few years here and rarely do we receive ice especially thick ice! At night the... Continue Reading →

Plant Tip: Less Water is More!

I don't know why, but it took me forever to realize that less water is indeed better for plants than constantly dousing them! In the past I would water my potted plants on schedule each week and then they would look terrible and die. When I sought help for my dying foliage, a friend told... Continue Reading →

How Green is Your Kitchen Routine?

Cutting back on water, electricity, gas, and disposable items makes your kitchen more eco-friendly! Better Homes and Garden created this awareness checklist to assess your cooking and cleanup habits, and discover how being greener will save you some green. My fridge lives up to its cooling potential: The refrigerator should be full but not stuffed... Continue Reading →

DIY Soap Holder

At my house I use a good many of bars of soap! They are zero waste and an efficient product. I didn't really want to buy soap holders for all my bars, so I decided to conduct some research on DIY soap holders. And I'm extremely glad I did because I came across this genius... Continue Reading →

DIY Notebooks for Dolls

These cute mini notebooks are perfect for American Girl dolls or any dolls who are ready to take notes! They are easy to put together and most of the supplies you likely have on hand. Your dolls could use the notebooks for their school work, drawings or journaling! Supplies Notebook paper Patterned scrapbook paper Washi... Continue Reading →

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