Wellness Wednesday: Feeling sluggish? Six things you can do to recharge!

If your tired all the time or if the winter blues have you feeling down, consider trying something new to refill your tank when your energy levels sputter!  Fatigue is a frequent complaint, especially after people hit middle age. Fortunately, there are plenty of convenient and simple ways to boost energy. Some even slow the... Continue Reading →

The 7 R’s of Zero Waste

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rehome, Replant, Rot I'm slowly working my way into the lifestyle of zero waste and to help me stay on track I follow the 7 R's! They remain general principles for how to look at your items to either prevent you from obtaining them in the first place, or to figure... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things to Recycle in Your Home

Recycling in your home isn't restricted to the kitchen. Do your part in every room of the house! Several of these everyday items can be re-purposed, used as crafts or be composted. Home Office: Mail- In general, most advertising mail pieces are recyclable. Bedroom: Tissue Box Magazines -For magazines, you don’t need to remove anything... Continue Reading →

Your Home’s Energy Use

A home energy assessment (sometimes referred to as an energy audit) will show what parts of your house use the most energy and suggest the best ways to cut energy costs. You can conduct a simple home energy assessment by doing it yourself (DIY) or, for a more detailed assessment, contact your local utility or... Continue Reading →

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