Nancy Drew Books Printable for Dolls

Here are more mini books for your dolls to read and add to their bookshelf! I loved Nancy Drew when I was younger and still have most of my books. Hopefully your dolls will love the series as much as I did! There are two easy ways to create the books. The first method I... Continue Reading →

DIY Doll Fruit Snacks and Printable

These delicious island fruit snacks features a mouthwatering combination of island flavors: Strawberry-Banana, Tropical Punch, Pink Grapefruit, Guava-Kiwi, Mango and Pomegranate-Passionfruit that your dolls are sure to love! They are perfect for on the go and add a delightful addition to your dolls kitchen! Supplies Fruit snack printablesScissorsGlue stick or tapeSmall beadspaper or cardstock For... Continue Reading →

DIY Doll Starburst Candy and Printable

Starburst is one of my daughter’s favorite candy! Now your dolls can enjoy this sweet chewy treat and share their favorite flavors with friends! Supplies Starburst Printable Starburst Induvial WrappersScissorsGlue Stick and TapePacking Tape Cardboard starburst-printable-1 Once you print out the starburst printable put a strip of packing tape on the image to give it... Continue Reading →

DIY Doll Little Golden Books Printable

You can never have too many Little Golden Books! The Three Bears, Cinderalla and Alice in Wonderland are classic stories that have been told for generations. Now your dolls can add these books to their collection! When I made the books for Liston's dolls I cut a piece of cardboard the size of the cover... Continue Reading →

DIY Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum for Dolls

This DIY is easy to make with only a few supplies needed! Chewing this classic mint flavor gum makes it easy to keep your cool, and when you share a stick, well that's the basis for a whole new friendship. Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun with Wrigley's Doublemint gum! Supplies ScissorsGlue Stick or TapeCard... Continue Reading →

Earth Day A Day of Love!

Happy Earth Day! Today is a day we place our beautiful planet in the spotlight and show it some special love and kindness. I try to be a good steward everyday and live in a way that is Eco-friendly! I have taken steps at home, work and in my community to be more green! Going... Continue Reading →

Plant Spotlight: Citronella

The weather has been extremely pleasant this past couple of weeks and we have spent almost every evening outside in the backyard! The flowers are blooming and the trees are sprouting leaves. With warmer weather and blooms also comes the bugs. I don't mind the bees, beetles and spiders but I can't stand mosquitoes! My family... Continue Reading →

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